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No more connection to F28335 possible


I'm running a TMS320F28335 on a custom board as part of an inverter. The software is a non-bios project. The PWM of the inverter is working. Now I tried to add adc-Measurements, but the software ends up in "interrupt void ILLEGAL_ISR(void)   // Illegal operation TRAP". Unfortunately, a while after that, the processor looses its connection and is gone - the connection can't be re-established anymore.

I operated the processor on the Eval-Kit Docking station with the XDS100 USB Emulator.

The error message was:

Can't Run Target CPU:Error 0x20000020/-1156 Severe Error during: Execution, Lost processor clock. Device may be operatin in a low-power mode. Do you want to bring it out of this mode?

Cant' Run Target CPU: Error 0x00000020/-2060 Error during: Execution, Processor is already running at 0x00000000.

Failed to remove the debug state from the target before diconnecting. There may still be breakpoint opcodes embedded in programm memory.

Error connectiong to the target: Error 0x00001200/-1135 Error during: OCS, Target, Unrecoverable emulation error

After this errors the processor could not be connected again. I ruined two controlcards with this error. I attached the software to this post (attention, it could stop also other processors).

Can anybody explain me how it is possible to stop the processor from working with just some code copied together from TI example programs?