No more connection to F28335 possible


I'm running a TMS320F28335 on a custom board as part of an inverter. The software is a non-bios project. The PWM of the inverter is working. Now I tried to add adc-Measurements, but the software ends up in "interrupt void ILLEGAL_ISR(void)   // Illegal operation TRAP". Unfortunately, a while after that, the processor looses its connection and is gone - the connection can't be re-established anymore.

I operated the processor on the Eval-Kit Docking station with the XDS100 USB Emulator.

The error message was:

Can't Run Target CPU:Error 0x20000020/-1156 Severe Error during: Execution, Lost processor clock. Device may be operatin in a low-power mode. Do you want to bring it out of this mode?

Cant' Run Target CPU: Error 0x00000020/-2060 Error during: Execution, Processor is already running at 0x00000000.

Failed to remove the debug state from the target before diconnecting. There may still be breakpoint opcodes embedded in programm memory.

Error connectiong to the target: Error 0x00001200/-1135 Error during: OCS, Target, Unrecoverable emulation error

After this errors the processor could not be connected again. I ruined two controlcards with this error. I attached the software to this post (attention, it could stop also other processors).

Can anybody explain me how it is possible to stop the processor from working with just some code copied together from TI example programs?

  • Looks I have the same problem from the start. 

    Error connectiong to the target: Error 0x00001200/-1135 Error during: OCS, Target, Unrecoverable emulation error

    I can't get CCS connected to the F28335 via XDS100 USB Emulator...

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    I have also found exactly same error on my  tms320f28335, please make some help on this error.............


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    Hi, in my case it was enough to get the control card out of the DIMM slot and insert it back. And it started working.

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    Today i have lost my second device with the same error............

    error tells that your device is locked, even i haven't lock the device.


    when i connect device by holding xrs pin to ground........ it will show error message like  "ADC Calibration not complete, check if device is unlocked and recalibrate"


    even i haven't stop the device erase process.

    Please anyone give me some good suggestions to recover from the error.

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    Please provide some additional information:

    • Is it a custom board or a TI board
    • If it is a custom board, did it work previously? 
    • Are these fresh devices - have you ever been able to connect?
    • If you were able to connect previously, when did the issue start?  Were you programming?  Which version of Code Composer Studio were you programming with?
    • Have you probed XCLKOUT - if so what is the frequency seen
    • Please check the power/ground connections
    • Please check the flash power VDD3VFL
    • If the device is in a socket or on a card check the connections to make sure it is seated
    • Try putting the device in "loop to check mode" boot mode and then connect - if you can connect using this method then check the password locations in a memory window - refresh the memory window a couple of times and then see if they read back a value or all 0x0000.

    Thank you






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    Thanks Lori,

    • It is a custom board and it was working properly from last 1 month...... and another board is blocked after using it almost 2 days.
    • I have checked all the power supply connections i.e. 1.9V and 3.3V and all the connections are ok including VDD3VFL.
    •  Whatever program in the device that i have loaded is working properly. but, i can't load new program. So, this issue is started after programming the device in both the cases.
    • when i probed XCLKOUT, I have seen 18 MHz freq.
    • I have soldered the device so, it is properly seated.
    • I have also connected device using boot mode and the password locations seen are  all 0x0000.
    • the error message shows that your device is locked even i have not programmed any password.
    • I am using CCS Studio V4.0.2.01003. and i have also tried V3.3. but, both indicates same error.

                            I am waiting for your valuable reply, Thanks.

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    One more point i forgot to mentions that is,

      I am using texas instrument's xds100 JTAG emulator

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    I have provided all the required information, please make some sense on it.

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    Unfortunately it does sound like your device has the CSM locked.  This can happen if the erase is interrupted, for example - in this case the password locations can be an unknown state. 

    Do you have a TI field rep that you can contact for a replacement device?  If not then please contact and they should be able to get you in contact with someone who can work with you to get a new device.

    I also noticed the version of your CCS 4 is a bit old.  There were some issues that have been fixed - if you would please download the latest version.





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    I too facing same sort of error that :

    Error connectiong to the target: Error 0x00001200/-1135 Error during: OCS, Target, Unrecoverable emulation error

    I can't get CCS connected to the F28035 via XDS100 USB Emulator...

    Even I run DBJTAG, but it doesn't make any sense : error:

    The JTAG IR and DR scan-paths cannot circulate bits, they may be broken.
    An attempt to scan the JTAG scan-path has failed.
    The target's JTAG scan-path appears to be broken
    with a stuck-at-ones or stuck-at-zero fault.

    Whether I need to go for replacement of Device ?

    Need ur reply fast !!!!!!!!1