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TMS320F28377D: how many time of sci swreset

Part Number: TMS320F28377D


in my application, i encounter an problem of sci swreset 

because some interference signal, sci generate an BRKDT error, then in my program i checek this error and reset the sci moduel like this

after  the Break error occured if i didn't reset the sci, this sci moduel will not reveived the data  until i repower the system. But if the error is FE,OE the sci will received the data again.

but after i reset this moduel, the sci moduel will reveived the data again after about 9ms, this time is too long,as below figure

my question is 

1, after the break error  occured, we must reset the sci moduel?

2,why this reset time is so long,?

3,is there any another method to reset the sci moduel?

thank you!