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CCS/TMS320F28379D: App no start from Flash dependend on amount of objects instantiated (C++)

Part Number: TMS320F28379D

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hello there,

i´m observing the effect that my programm doens´t start depended on how many objects are instatiated at compile time.
In abstract the structure is that class A has an array of classes type B.

When I start the programm by flashing using the debugger and press start, the programm works.
If i reset or power cycle the device, the programm doesn´t start.

When i decrease the array of class B  (even without reaching length of zero), the programm also works when reseted or power cycled.

In both cases i dont get a warning of an error that the programm or anything else doesn´t fit to the memory.
I also tried creating a dummy array to simulate a higher memory usage which didn´t change the observed effect.
It also has nothing to do specifically with class B, when i change amount of aother classes owned by "A", the effect is the same.

My conclusion is, that a non starting programm has at least nothing to do with wrong selected boot pins or OTP key, since the programm DOES start, when the arrays of the objects are made shorter.

Never the less something in the boot process must be different when eigther using the debugger or when power cycled.
Has someone an idea what the root can be?

I don´t know if it helps, i attach a .map file - one which is the output when the program starts, and one when it doesn´t.
In the source code i have changed the amount of class "RmsClass".

best regards!