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CCS: TI 28377D's EMIF interface communicate with ET1100 , 8 bit uC

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Santosh Athuru,this problem will be concluded that Emif1Regs.ASYNC_WCCR.bit.WP0 = 1;    in etherCAT_slave_c28x_hal.c is wrong.

Ethercat datasheet about ET1100 hardware sec III show that busy is active low .But on TMS28379D, EM1WAIT1 is active high ,so the correct way to do is set WP=0.

My understand is right?

  • Richie,

    You are right that WP0 need to be set to '0' in EMIF to make it active low.  I see there is also a configuration register in ET1100 to change the polarity of BUSY signal.

    I need to check with design expert if this configuration is changed. He is on vacation and will be back after week time. If you have this setup then you could also try to read this register value ?


    Vivek Singh


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  • In reply to Vivek Singh:

    Vivek Singh,Thanks for your complete reply. It is clear.

    Best Regards.