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CCS/TMS320F28335: why printf affect serial port of microcontroller?

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Part Number: TMS320F28335

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I am debugging the software on F28335 using CCS 8.0 with XDS100V2.

The problem I found is  that the bits, RXERROR, RXRDY, FE, OE are all set to '1' in SCIB's register  SCIRXST after  function "printf" is called. How could this happen?

I can see the message sent from printf  in CCS's console, while SCIB is set to 38400 baud rate for serial communication in my program. thanks for help.

  • Are you using a controlCARD? What IOs are you using for SCI?

    I assume you're using the standard emulation link for the printfs (like you aren't using code that tries to direct the printfs to your SCI peripheral), correct?

    What FREE/SOFT settings are you using? I'm wondering if the halting for the printf could be interfering with your SCI messages...

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    my bad, they are not related. Problem is caused by hardware design.
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    Glad you figured it out. I'll close the thread.