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SM320F28335-HT: Die form SM320F28335 - PN suffix

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Part Number: SM320F28335-HT


We need the die format of the SM320F28335.

According to TI and Digikey, the part number is


But looking at stock at Micross, they only have the


What is the difference? Are dice in Micross stock usable?


  • Quark,

    I cannot conclusively comment on Micross part number.

    However, I believe it is in error.

    The TI part number is SM320F28335KGDS1.

    We only have 1 SM320F28335 KGD device, so likely this was a typo, or intentional device name change by Micross.

    I will have our die sales rep check with Micross to confirm and post back.



  • In reply to Wade Vonbergen:


    I have contacted a Micross rep. She indicates that it is incorrect with Micross.

    Will you give me permission to provide your email address to her directly?  I can pull it from the system.

    She would like to discuss with you and check with your sales rep.



  • In reply to Wade Vonbergen:

    I'll contact them directly.  I didn't know it was a distributor issue; I assumed it was some different version or something like that.

    Thank you for checking!