TMS320F28035: TMS320F28035PNQ SPI communication for test

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Part Number: TMS320F28035


I need to test a device which is utilizing a TMS320F28035PNQ piccillo microcontroller.

the TMS320F28035PNQ is the master and is communicating with an IMU which acts as the SPI slave.

In the lab we want to communicate with the TMS320F28035PNQ without the IMU, Can you recommend a device that would work as slave to communicate with the TMS320F28035PNQ?

Our device is setup to send a 16 bit "ready to receive" word then 12, 16 bit, words worth of zeros to keep the SPI clock running.

The Slave has to read the "ready to receive" word then begin to send 12, 16 bit, words while the master is sending the zeros.

The Master is repeating this process every 2mS, so we need to update the Slave output with new data and send it every time it reads the "ready to receive" message.

Thank you!

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  • Hi Eric,

    The F2803x's SPI module has a loop-back mode if you want to use the F2803x without any external devices/connections (i.e. device works as both master and slave). There are some examples you can utilize within the C2000ware download as well:


    Why are you wanting to test without the IMU slave device?