TMS320F280049C: VCU0 CRC32 questions and potential SW issue

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Part Number: TMS320F280049C

Here are a few questions regarding VCU0 CRC support on F28004x.

1. Regarding the function getCRC32_vcu(): Is the polynomial fixed as POLYNOMIAL32 0x04c11db7, or can this be changed?

2. How exactly can the reflected table be used?  In the docs, this is implied, but it is not clear.  In general, is there any additional documentation which can shed some light?

3.  There could be an issue with the code.  It seems that when set to Even Parity, it functions correctly, but there may be an issue with Odd Parity...  Is there a working example for Odd Parity?  Can this operation be verified?

4.  When will we have F28004x VCU0 CRC examples in C2000ware?  I think this would help out greatly.



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  • Eric,

    1. No, polynomials in VCU are fixed. I can send you additional details via email if you are interested.

    2. Reflected adds an additional option where the CRC computation is done with bytes taken from memory but flipped before input to the CRC calculator.

    3. The Pass/Fail tests in the example should catch this if you changed Parity to Odd. Did you try that? 

    4. I don't believe there are plans for now. But you should easily be able to adapt the existing examples from 2837x to 28004x. The 2837x examples are vcu2 based, so you will have to change that to vcu0 and also select the appropriate library.



  • In reply to Sira Rao80:

    Hi Sira,

    Can you please provide more information about point (2) How to use the reflected input for the CRC ?

    Thank you