MotorWare v18 Released

Motorware v18 has officially been released. Find some of the changes enumerated below:

  • HAL_setTrigger() change to fix issue where when USER_NUM_PWM_TICKS_PER_ISR_TICK was set to 2 or 3, and ISR execution time was less than half of ISR period, ADC trigger would sometimes be missed
  • Fixed issue in GPIO_setPortData() for F2805x that had incorrect parameter data width
  • Fixed usDelay() issues in all hal.c files, replaced with US_TO_CNT() macro
  • Fixed CMP saturation limit in HAL_WritePwmData() in hal.h for F2805x only, changed lower limit from _IQ(0.0) to 1
  • Update PWM_setSocAPulseSrc() in all pwm.c
  • Remove OVM functions in lab5h and remove svgen_current.c file in project
  • Fixed compiler error in hal.h for 06x projects with HVKit due to an error in #ifdef statement for HALL GPIO pin numbers
  • Fixed LED blinking timing error in main_ISR() for all FOC and MOTION files that have toggle led code (New Enhancement)
  • Changed the argument of CPU_USAGE_setParams() to variable instead of fixed timer period since timer period was changed in hal.c in MW17. Affects labs: 03b, 07, 11a, and 11b (these labs use the legacy CPU_USAGE module)
  • Changed the argument of FEM_setParams() to variable instead of fixed timer period since timer period was changed in hal.c in MW17. Affects labs: 03b, 07
  • Changed motor definition to resolve compiler error when using IPD projects in the below user.h files:
    • \boostxldrv8305_revA\28x\f2806xF\src\user_j1.h
    • \boostxldrv8305_revA\28x\f2806xF\src\user_j5.h

  • All functions running in main_ISR() in lab11x were added to “ramfunc” for reducing cycle time (New Enhancement)
  • Added lab07 and lab09 project for BoostXL-DRV8305 + F2806x  "boostxldrv8305_revA\f28x\f2806xF\projects\ccs"
  • Added Volt/Hertz module in modules/vs_freq/src directory. This module generates an output command voltage for a specific input command frequency according to the specified volts/hertz profile.
  • Added Angle Generator module in modules/angle_gen/src directory. This module generates angle output for a specific input command frequency.
  • Added proj_01b project for all kits and controllers.
  • Added proj_01c project for all kits and controllers.
  • Added gMotorVars[HAL_MTR2].CtrlVersion = version; to lab10d for bug fix
  • Relocated CLK_disableTbClockSync() to before timebase, compare control, action qualifier, dead band and trip zone initialization loops. This was done to fix issue where PWM sync could sometimes be lost when hard-resetting MCU
  • Changed RsRecalc functionality to have initial value of USER_MOTOR_Rs instead of 0, which will allow quicker settling time
  • Offsets removed from user_2motors.h to avoid issue where current/voltage offsets were defined in two separate header files
  • Added definition for updateRsOnLine() for lab11a, takes EST_Handle parameter instead of CTRL_Handle parameter as expected by runRsOnLine() in lab07
  • Added spi.c and drv8301.c source files to all F2802xF LaunchPad projects that were designed for DRV8301 BoosterPack


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