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SafeTI: Bug in SL_SelfTest_DMA() with DMA_SOFTWARE_TEST test


Test fails to first expected ok-return, based on register content the Region 0 error is found:
if(sl_dmaSoftwrTestConfig(&dma_test_varA, &dma_test_varB, DMA_PERMISSION_READ_ACCESS, &dmaCTRLPKT))

After some code inspection and careful TRM reading I found that end-region is set like this
sl_dmaREG->DMAMPR0E = (uint32)(srcAddr) + sizeof(uint32);

This resulted the DMAPR0S to be ....240 and DMAPR0E be +4 so .....244.

The variables A & B used in testing are stack variables and for me those addresses are after each other ..240 and ...244 respectively. After I changed end region setting like this (-1) the test started to work
sl_dmaREG->DMAMPR0E = (uint32)(srcAddr) + sizeof(uint32)-1U;

Based on TRM the PR0E is end address of the region so the initial code is wrong and sets region 1 byte too far, I this interpretation correct? Just wondering is this test tested at all because I would like to say that most likely those the stack variables are in a row despite which compiler is used...

When is the next scheduled SafeTI release, current one is quite old  and multiple bugs and 'features' are found after that?

  • Hello Jarkko,

    I will look into the discovered issue and let you know if this is a valid interpretation or not.

    In regard to the SafeTI Diagnostic Library Release, there was a relatively recent release and V2.3.1 is the one that is the most current. I do not have a schedule when the next release is planned at the moment but I believe it will be before the end of the year.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Chuck Davenport

  • In reply to Chuck Davenport:


    Any news about this?
  • In reply to Jarkko Silvasti:

    Hello Jarkko,

    Sorry for the delay in response. I checked with our SW team and based on their analysis, they agree with your assessment that this is an error in the code. Unfortunately, we don't have an explanation about how this would make it through the testing. This would take further analysis on their part to identify any shortcomings in their testing. I will enter a bug/issue ticket for this problem and also post the question on the testing so that any fix is also followed up with a check of the test suite.

    In regard to when the next release of SafeTI Diag Library will happen. I don't believe a date for the next release has been announced.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Chuck Davenport