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RM48L952: RM48x, TMS570 - R4F/R5F Floating Point Performance

Part Number: RM48L952

Dear Experts,

could You please let me know, if there are any floating point benchmark test results available for our Hercules devices (RM48/TMS570)?

Something like we have for our DSP cores e.g.



I could only find the CMSIS DSP library Cortex-R4 DSP SW Benchmarks. Not sure, how to interpret the cycle values given there in the context of floating point calculations and whether FPU was utilized or not.

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  • Hello Gregor,

    I am not aware of any benchmarks commissioned by TI in this regard. There may be some available on the ARM website since this would be tied to the Cortex-R4F and Cortex-R5F performance characteristics.

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    Chuck Davenport