New TI C/C++ CCS ARM compiler qualification kit

A compiler is a critical tool used in embedded system development. For embedded systems in compliance with functional safety standards such as IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, a compiler will need to be classified and qualified per requirements of the functional safety standard. These requirements are specified in IEC 61508-3/4 and ISO 26262-8 respectively. 

TI offers Code Compose Studio (CCS) with the TI C/C++ ARM Compiler for developers of Hercules™ MCUs. To support customers using the TI C/C++ ARM Compiler for safety critical systems development, TI has collaborated with Validas and made available the “SafeTI™ Compiler Qualification Kit for Hercules™ MCUs” or CQKIT to help our customers perform tool classification and perform validation testing based on the compiler version and their specific use conditions (options, language features, pragma, etc). The CQKIT will assist customers with determining the qualification requirements, performing validation tests per functional safety standard requirements and generating the necessary documents to support the use of the compiler and also as tool qualification evidence. This User-Validation-Based compiler qualification kit has been assessed by TÜV NORD. The CQKIT has also been used by multiple customers with success. The QKIT is available at at $15K for single project use and $25K for multi-project use including 24 working hours of Validas phone consulting support. 

A new version of the SafeTI Compiler Qualification Kit called the Release-Validation-Based Compiler Qualification Kit has just been released, leveraging TI internal compiler release validations instead of the prior approach (used in the User-Validation-Based CQKIT) which requires the user to run included qualification tests.  The Release-Validation-Based Compiler Qualification Kit is free, provided by TI, and has also been assessed by TÜV NORD. 

Here is a comparison of the User-Validation-Based CQKIT and Release-Validation-Based CQKIT.


User-Based-Validation CQKIT

Release-Based-Validation CQKIT


$15K single project license
$25K multi project license


User runs validation tests?



Validas support included?

24 working hours

No, for Validas support, visit

ISO 26262

Up to ASIL D

Up to ASIL D

IEC 61508

Up to SIL 3

Up to SIL 3

Supported TI C/C++ ARM Compiler version

TI C/C++ ARM Compiler 5.2 or later

TI C/C++ ARM Compiler 5.2 or later

QKIT assessed by TÜV NORD



In summary, two different sets of compiler qualification kit (User-Based and Released-Based) are available to assist customers in qualifying their use of the TI ARM C/C++ Compiler to functional safety standards such as IEC 61508 and ISO 26262. Customers can select the appropriate kit based on their use conditions and preferences. Ultimately, our customers are responsible for compliance with safety related requirements and standards.

Please visit for additional information of Release-Validation-Based Compiler Qualification Kit.

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