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TMS570LC4357: Flash Diag Mode 5 commented out in SafeTI Library

Part Number: TMS570LC4357


I am writing a test to run DiagMode 5 using the SafeTI as reference.  I noticed that the SafeTI application never actually runs this test in the app.  This test is called  FLASH_ECC_ADDR_TAG_REG_MODE in SafeTI.

Is there a reason this test is not run?  Are the instructions in section of the reference manual accurate?  I did not find any relevant errata.

Thank you.

  • Hello Colleen,

    I have forwarded your question to our SW lead and owner of the SafeTI Diagnostic Library so they can respond to your question directly.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Chuck Davenport

  • In reply to Chuck Davenport:

    Any update on this?

  • In reply to colleenk:

    Hi Colleen,

    In SafeTI Diagnostic Library for device TMS570LC4357 this test (FLASH_ECC_ADDR_TAG_REG_MODE) is not supported yet.
    It is committed for development but cannot confirm on the timeline at present.

    Implementation is almost same as for other device variants, please go ahead and use it as reference and develope your own function to support TMS570LC4357.

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