RAMTEST related Logic Test and subsequent Flag Clear requirements

Hello Support,

I perform the following steps to perform Check for Redundant Address Decoding error within BTCM Port :

   RAMECCREG[0].RAMTEST.word = (0x01U << 6) | 0x0AU;                   /* BTCM0 */
   RAMECCREG[0].RAMTEST.word = (0x01U << 8) | (0x01U << 6) | 0x0AU; /* BTCM0 */

I get RAMECCREG[0].RAMERRSTATUS.word Bit 2 as SET and ESM Group 2 Channel 6 [Even Bank] as SET

Then I write Bit 2 as HIGH within RAMERRSTATUS Register and also Clear ESM Group 2 Channel 6 Bit by writing HIGH.

Do I have to clear any other register within RAM Register SET in order to keep BTCM Port responsive to real errors at the end of the above mentioned Checking of BTCM Port?

Thank you.