RM57L843: MibSPI Self Test Error Injection

Part Number: RM57L843


I have a working nominal MibSPI loopback implementation and I am trying to use the 27.3.42 I/O-Loopback Test Control Register (IOLPBKTSTCR) to Inject the Various errors during the test.

The only error that I have been able to successfully inject is: 

Bit [20] CTRL BITERR Controls inducing of BITERR during I/O loopback test mode. 0 Do not interfere with looped-back data. 1 Induces bit errors by inverting the value of the incoming data during loopback.

Causing a:

Bit [28] BITERR in the RX Ram Flags

Is there any supplemental documentation around mibspi loopback fault injection that I can follow? Does SPI need to be set up in a specific way for the fault injection to work?

Any information would be helpful.

Thank you

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