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Stopping a continuous while loop on MSP430

In my microprocessing class our teacher has made us program a MSP430G2553 to do light up 8 led's in a certain sequence when a button is pressed.  The micro is attached to a Breadboard that is then connected to two buttons and the 8 led's.  When the power is connected none of the lights will be lit.  When one button is pressed a sequence will begin and continue until the person presses both buttons at the same time.  The same goes for the second button.  I have been able to achieve two of the three parts.  The only part I have trouble is getting out of the while loop/pressing the 2 buttons at the same time.  I have tried multiple methods but with no results.  I have attached the code so you could help me out with this. 

p.s.  Teacher is horrible assumes everyone in class can already program / no book to read from.  Is there any websites/books that I could use to help me understand this material?


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