MSP430 Resources

In addition to the forum, here are some other resources for MSP430:

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Home Page:  16 bit Microcontroller - MSP430 Ultra-Low Power


MSP430 Microcontroller Projects

MSP430 Microcontroller Tools, Kits & Boards

MSP430 Microcontroller Software, Microcontroller Code


MSP430 Wiki


Application Notes & User Guides:


MSP430 Getting Started Guide:


MSP430 Wikipedia Page:

MSP430 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - Code Composer Studio - Free (requires you to register for due to export control regulations)


TI Microcontrollers Facebook Page


MSP430 Value Line

16 bit performance at 8 bit microcontroller price

Capacitive Touch Microcontroller, Touch Sense Microcontroller

USB Microcontroller 

Wireless Microcontroller, RF Microcontroller

Other Microcontrollers

Microcontroller, MCU, Embedded Controller - All TI Microcontroller families

C2000 Real Time Microcontroller, 32 bit Microcontroller, DC Motor Controller, Motor Control Microcontroller

ARM Microcontroller, ARM Processor

Automotive Microcontroller Safety Microcontroller

Smart Grid



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