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RE: MSP-FETU430IF not found

Hi Lisa,

I was reading the posts about the emulator.

My compiler CCS v5.2 also cannot find the emulator the message is the same:

Error initializing emulator: Could not find MSP-FET430UIF on specified COM port.

I downloaded the newest version and following that I upgraded the installed CCS.

After that everything started to working fine.

But I also had stoped a lot of processes in my computer and made some changes

in the debug configuration.

Unfortunately, I didn't copy what I have done.

Next day I turned on the computer and the same message appear again.

So, what comes from the download is enouth, but for sure is missing some extra

hints in the use o CCS Debug Configuration and the driver emulation checking.

The driver is installed correctly because it worked once.

Any Ideias what it is?

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    Hi Angel,

    first of all, please put new questions as a new post on the forum.  This will help the efficiency of getting a response!  I have done it for you this time.

    I think the best place to start is to try and go back and think of what you might have done. 

    - usb port?

    - antivirus enabled/disabled?

    Please keep us informed.

    Best Regards,

  • In reply to Lisa TI:

    The Device Manager shows the the FET Driver emulator is on USB port COM 3.

    I did the test on it and it says it is OK!

    I tried to change the driver for the newest in the TI site and says the one I have is the newest.

    I am not using anti-virus. Mine is out of date.

    The error message says that cant find it in the specified COM port, but it did not say what COM port.

    After instaling CCS v5.2 release 69 with the updates it worked, but I had turned off a lot of

    processes in my computer, and in other day stoped to worked again.

    According to the message it was expected the driver in other COM port.

    The Debug View dont shows up , so I cannot connect and download the source to the MCU.

    May I am having a conflict problem, but I don't know how to check that.

    Tonight I will reinstall CCS v5.2 to make sure is not a corrupted DLL download.

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    In reply to Angel Portal:

    Hi Angel,

    I also suspect it had something to do with the processes you mentioned/conflict.  Did youuse the same USB port?  Please keep us informed.

    Best Regards,


  • In reply to Lisa TI:

    Last night I downloaded the off line installer of CCS v5.2 release 69.

    Installed it.

    Updated it.

    Tried to download to the MCU and the same message appears.

    I did not stoped any processes.

    So I think that some of mine computer processes is using the same port  (COM3).

    I was searching in the microsoft site any utility that deal with process or port view.

    For a while a just found Portmon for Windows v3.03, in the technet.

    You from TI are using what to check the hardware configuration?

    After trying I will tell you the result....

    Angel Portal

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    In reply to Angel Portal:

    Hi Angel,

    I have seen issues with certain USB ports and conflicts with bluetooth virtual COM ports for example.   I am not sure what you mean by how we test.   Basically, I either test by looking in the device manager, using CCS or using the free flash programmer from Elprotronic. (www.elprotronic.com)

    Just keep us informed then.

    Best Regards,

  • In reply to Lisa TI:


    I was thinking in checking  (using some diagnostic program) which ports my computer are using.

    My computer is fully bluetooth based (mouse , keyboard ...).

    I am using a HP All in One.

    I looked in the Device Manager and the FET Driver is loaded and OK.

    I do not know what to look in the CCS.

    I will download the elprotronic software tonight, may be  then I will see what ports my computer are using.

    Many thanks. I will keep you informed.

    Best Regards

    Angel Portal

  • In reply to Angel Portal:

    I tried using the Device Manager to change the COM port number from 3 to 9 but none of them worked.

    The CCS v5.2 keep sending the same message:

    Error initializing emulator:
    Could not find MSP-FET430UIF on specified COM port

    The Elprotronic  FET-Pro430 I used to read the Firmware Version and

    the following message appeared:

    MSP430.dll initialization error

    Check communiction por Setup.

    Any hints....

  • In reply to Lisa TI:

    Hi Lisa!

    Today I reinstalled the Code Composer Studio v 5.2 release 69 whithout the anti-virus.

    I just installed what was needed for MSP430. I also update the CCS.

    Now  the MSP-FET430UIF is installed on port 54 (looks more correct).

    I am going to attach the image of the device manager for you to see.

    But the same message still shows up.

    Do you have some extra procedures for me to go on?

    Angel Portal

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    In reply to Angel Portal:

    Hi Agnes,

    if you have verified the hardware, I am getting at a loss for ideas.  I have transfered this to the MSP430 forum where I hope you can get some further assistance.

    Best Regards,


  • In reply to Lisa TI:

    Thats the image of the Device Manager

    Angel Portal