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Full reset on MSP430F2619

Hello, guys!

I've just got my msp trapped... now, it's not even responding to my IAR....

Does anybody knows how to force a hardware memory clear? I guess cleaning my msp's flash memory would be enough to get it "alive" again.



  • It depends on what got your msp trapped.

    (a) It could be that you have blown the JTAG fuse. This is unlikely unless you told the tools to do it (intentionally or unintentionally).

    (b) More likely, your IAR setup, DLLs, Drivers, etc. are screwed and does not work anymore.When you try to download, what does IAR say?

    (c) It is also possible that the code in the Flash currently somehow prevents JTAG access. Do you know what you have?

    If you have the hardware interface needed, you can use BSLDEMO2 and try to do a Flash mass erase.

    If you do not have the BSL hardware interface, you can use LaunchPad as that interface. But you need to add wires and program a Gxx chip to do that job.

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    Thanks for the comments!!!

    Just got it back alive:

    Kept RST pin in low lvl and told IAR to start my debbuger again. It was enough to get it good to go!

    How could you did that? How come you got it working again??

    I was working with my DMA:

    1) DMA moved data from address X.

    2) Inside DMA interruption, i changed all the values on the addr X that DMA had to work... probably my PC was lost and memory trapped due to DMA continous operation (MODE single, repeated).

    3) Forcing a low lvl on RST pin (NOTE: I had to do it 4 or 5 times) while IAR screen told me "downloading program" got my flash erased.

    4) Program started in a memory addrs called "RST vector" (or something like that). Just clicked on "Hardware RST" and told IAR to debug again. 

    5) MSP is working fine!

    PS: I'm not sure if it is the correct way to make a memory flash clear, so, if you're going to do the same steps i told above, be awared that it worked for me (don't know if it could possibly burn msp's flash memory!!!) and i'm not sure if it will work on every Texas' chips!