What the hell is going with RST on msp430g2553

After succesfull debug of my project with msp430g2553 (not launchpad) I faced with a problem on standalone run.

Due do datasheet, /RST pin pull-uped with 47k resistor to VCC. No success.

Than I pulled-down /RST to GND with 2,2nF capacitor without any effect.

After some googling I also soldered 0,1 uF capacitor between GND and VCC but still circuit don't work out of debug.

During the debug /RST has voltage level 3,1 V, in standalone run - 0. It is obvious that problem is there, but how to pull it up correctly?

UPD I also tried capacitors 100n, 4,7uF and resistors 1k, 10k, 0k (direct wire) and source circuit from battaries but with no luck. In debug mode program works perfectly in any of such RC's.

As a programmer I use Launchpad f5529. 

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