Apps Note "Troubleshooting Guidelines for MSP Devices" online!

Dear MSP community,

The complexity of applications is increasing, and the integration of functions on a single chip is also increasing. Therefore it is natural that dedicated functions sometimes do not work as a developer expects.

In such cases, often a malfunction of the silicon is claimed with a very high-level description. In most cases it is revealed that the silicon itself did not necessarily cause the problem, but the problem was instead application related. Due to complexity, it is sometimes hard to determine the real cause of the malfunction. However there are multiple ways to identify a malfunction, saving time and effort for both the end customer and the vendor. This document provides some principle ways to determine the root cause of a certain number of high-level unintended behaviors. This document help to develop the troubleshooting abilities of a developer by better understanding the relation between application-related issues and siliconrelated specifications and functionalities. The process in this application report describe how silicon features and measurement techniques can be used to better understand and solve these issues.

Please read through the document below trying to get thing resolved more quickly!


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