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MSP430F5438A: Clock sources stop in debug mode (IAR extended clock control)

Part Number: MSP430F5438A


I am using the latest IAR workbench 7.10.5 for the MSP430 along with the new MSP-FETFlash Emulator (the black one). IAR WB offers the possibility for an extended clock control (Emulator -> Advanced -> Extended Clock Control), i.e. which clocks shall stop when hitting a breakpoint.

It happens quite often that all clocks stop even though they are not checked. Currently the only change to override this is to check the boxes (then the MSP430 is reset) and the uncheck them again (which again resets the MSP430).

Whose butt has to be kicked to get rid of that bullshit? Is this a problem of the debugger FW or one of IAR? Notably, that did not happen with the old OLIMEX and old IAR versions.

[Unlocked - 3/23/2018]