Grace is not being nice to me!

I am trying to install Grace into the Code Composer Studio environment, following the procedure described here:

I am using Code Composer Studio v., coding for the MSP430F2274 microcontroller. As part of this procedure, Code Composer Studio needs to access files at these two URLs:

My problem arises when the files are unable to be accessed by CCS, giving error messages such as this one:
"Unable to access site "". [Server returned HTTP response code "302 Found" for URL:]"

To verify that the files are in fact unavailable, I tried accessing them through an ordinary web browser, resulting in error messages indicating I do not have permission to see the files.  This is a cross-platform problem... I'm using CCS under Windows XP Pro, but the browser test was done on a Mac and appears to give HTTP message 403 to Firefox.

These messages certainly explain why the transfer process into CCS fails.  So the question is why the files are unavailable.  I sincerely hope somebody can help with this.  I have a critical need to use the GRACE software, and I think it promises to be a revolutionary advance in the field.  Thank you......

  • I get a 403 error as well when I try to access this URL with a browser, but I was able to still access the update through CCS.

    Are you using the platinum version of CCS, or the free core tools version?


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    Thanks for writing.  I am using the free version, so far at least.  Your question is right on the money... I was in fact starting to worry that perhaps the Platinum version knows a secret handshake of some kind when it goes to get the two magic files.

    I have filed an inquiry with TI tech support... hopefully they will know whether this is my problem. I was never opposed to ponying up for the paid version sooner or later... but this is a bit sooner than I was thinking, since I'm just getting started. :-(

    In any case, I'm glad to hear that you have been able to access the update.  Nice to know it works.





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    Hi John,

    Can you access the file in your browser?

    If this works then connectivity issues can be ruled out.

    Also take a look at the proxy options in Window -> Preferences -> Install/Update. You may need to enter the proxy settings of your organization here  to access external web pages.



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    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for writing. 

    I am indeed able to access the URL contained in your message.

    I am working from at home (due to the >= 27 inches of snow in my neighborhood) and thus have no corporate firewall issues at this time.

    I am beginning to suspect that, as a previous correspondent suggested, I may be required to purchase one of the paying versions of CCS in order to gain access to the server containing the files Grace needs in order to to install. I cannot find any mention of such a requirement on the web.

    The tech support office does not appear to have made a response to my service request, which is  # 1-658376380.

    I'm willing to buy CCS, but I REALLY wish somebody would clarify whether this is a requirement in order for Grace to install.

    Thanks for any further thoughts you may have.



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    It's definitely not a requirement that you have the CCS Platinum Edition -- you should be able to install and use Grace just fine with the Core Edition tools.  I'm not certain why you're having this issue (I'd like to blame the snow); however, can you review the Grace installation instructions posted on the following Wiki page and make sure that you have followed the procedures outlined there?

    One way or another, we'll get you going with Grace.


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    Hi John,
    I am not sure what's going on in your setup. Is it possible to do a quick WebEx to take a look at your setup. You can also download the Grace installer directly by entering in your browser. You can also get XDCtools (required for using Grace beta release) at 

    Install these two bundles in the default folder - c:\Program Files\Texas Instruments. When you startup CCS4, the IDE will detect these products and prompt a restart. After the restart you should be able to start using Grace.

    Please let me know if this procedure works for you.







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    Many thanks for staying on the case!  Today the situation has changed a little, which baffles me.

    I began following the instructions on the Wiki page to which you directed me, despite the fact that they were the same as the instructions I had been using the past 2 days.

    However, this time I did not experience a failure when trying to access the two URLS that are central to the installation process... I was allowed to progress to the 'Search Results' screen at which one is supposed to select Grace Beta 1.00 and XDCtools 3.21.  Unfortunately for me, the version of XDCtools offered to me was a little earlier, namely

    This is a big problem because the search results dialog box presents this warning: "Grace ( requires feature "org.eclipse.rtsc.xdctools_3.21 ( or compatible".

    Because the dialog box has detected this problem, it does not present the "Finish" button.

    So, it seems we are getting closer to an understanding.  I'm guessing somebody modified the permissions on the web server since yesterday, since it let me get further.  More power to 'em!


    As always, I would welcome your thoughts.....

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    Amit, thank you, I will try out these suggestions.  You have probably seen the exchanges with Dave, and if so you know I have gotten a little further today than the last few days.

    I'm very open to trying a WebEx session at some point... it would probably have to be Friday since I have a required meeting the rest of today.  But I will get back to you, particularly after I have tried out your suggestions. 

    Again, thanks!

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    It appears that your latest suggestions worked.  I downloaded the two executable files you identified and placed them in the default TI folder.  When I launched CCS, it was still necessary to go through most of the install procedure as listed here:

    HOWEVER the difference was that this time it worked.  Evidently, the version of XDC tools ( you directed me to manually download and place in the TI default folder is slightly more up to date and thus was accepted by CCS.  The earlier version,, which still resides (as of 2/3/11) on the server referenced in the install procedure at the URL above is not compatible with the current version of Grace.

    As far as I can tell, my problem is solved and i am MOST grateful for your help.

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    I have successfully installed Grace and will begin to use it.  For the benefit of anyone else who might have my problem, this is my understanding of what was happening:

    The install instructions at this URL:

    utilize files at these two URLs:


    The version of XDCtools at the latter site is and is not in sync with Grace version which is obtained from the earlier URL, so CCS is unable to proceed with the installation.  By placing up-to-date versions of both files in the TI home folder where CCS can get at them, CCS is able to install Grace because it gets the files directly instead of obtaining them from the URLs referenced above, the second of which is stale.

    Using the same set of instructions, the install procedure at the very first URL works *IF* the files have been previously stashed in the C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments

    This is what I have been able to figure out.  Thanks much for you help.  I am off and running.