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POSIX(pthread) and MSP430




I had question on usage of POSIX(pthread) library in MSP430.

how can i use "pthread.h" functions in my MSP430.


when I tried to use pthread it threw a error ***could not open source file "pthread.h"****


I would be happy to know any pros and cons for using POSIX in MSP430.

thanks in advance



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  • See: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/msp430/message/49228


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    TI  ---points --> yahoo group

    yahoo group ---points--> TI

    well not a solution i expected .

    Anyways reason for posting on two different site : relatively larger amount of fed backs for your problem


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    Did you get relatively larger amount of fed backs? I was trying to give you a recursive endless more feed backs.

    Call RoweBots. They can deliver POSIX on "TI SSC MSP430" in less than four calendar weeks.

    See: http://rowebots.com/embedded_processors_supported/ti_dsc_msp430


  • Abhaykumar Kumbhar
    I had question on usage of POSIX(pthread) library in MSP430.

    Where did you get this library from?Was a an MSP port? Wasn't there any instruction about how to use it?

    IMHO, any full pthreads implementation will be too large for all but the biggest MSPs. And a stripped-down will be more or less useless. Any MSP specific implementaiton will be faster, smaller and less problematic.


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