hi, I'm working on the EVM430-AFE253, but I can't find the board's user guide. I just want to have some info about JUMPERS config.  

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  • Any available documentation should be linked from the boards product page.


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  • for J5 : if you please the board with the RS232 connector on the right hand side, the top left is VCC from power supply, top right is VCC of the board, bottom left is GND from power supply, bottom right is GND of the board.

    for J8 : short 1-2 if you are debugging with the VDD to be supplied by the debugger FET. I usually left the jumper for stay at 1-2. It does not affect normal running.

    for J6 :  it has the UART and the debugging spy-bi-wire pins leaded out. check the schematic for which pin is which

  • Oh sorry ! I through you are talking about another EVM. Please ignore my previous answer.