ez430 stick development tool license problem

I am migrating my earlier programs for the ez430 $20.00 stick dev tool to CCS 5.1. 

While I licensed 5.1 it tells me it will not relate to my dev tool as it is 'restricted.' It tells me all 430 connections are restricted. I'm using the 430-2012 with the stick and it all works fine with CCE 3.

What does this mean? I thought licensing 5.1 was for using it with these dev tools.

When I licensed 5.1 it was very confusing as to just what devices I was licensing it for. I also want to develop using the TMX320C5535 eZDSP board. How do I tell if that is licensed or not?

When I first entered 5.1 it said 'licensed' at the lower left of the page yet when I check my licenses at TI only two old 2009 licenses show up. Now when I look at that lower left position it says 'unlicensed.'

My development PC is not usually connected to the net to avoid viruses but it was connected during the licensing process. Could that have anything to do with it?

This is all an amazing time burner and very poorly organized. I don't think eZ describes it in any way. confuZing would be more appropriate!


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  • Eventually I found the FAQ that describes this situation. It might be a bit less time consuming if you had the info that 5.1 is limited in this way right up front when getting the license as at present I don't remember anything like this very important limitation mentioned anywhere until I had taken the time to begin porting over programs which could not be used all the way to downloading to the eZ430 stick. THEN it tells me I'm wasting my time.

    I had to spend significant time beginning the port because 5.1 kept telling me that it could not find the 'rts.lib' and I had no need to try and find an answer to that problem as I cannot use 5.1 with my other eZ430 gear. Running aground this way just doesn't seem to fit into your generally cool approach to everything else.