TLV descriptors information on msp430f5510


I wish to know how do we interpret TVL descriptors information (Attached below). Also how do we extract serial number information form the chip. And how long is the serial number. Is there a way to distinguish serial number information across msp430 family

TLV_LDTAG              /*  Legacy descriptor (1xx, 2xx, 4xx families) */
TLV_PDTAG             /*  Peripheral discovery descriptor */
TLV_Reserved3      /*  Future usage */
TLV_Reserved4      /*  Future usage */
TLV_BLANK             /*  Blank descriptor */
TLV_Reserved6      /*  Future usage */
TLV_Reserved7      /*  Serial Number */
TLV_DIERECORD  /*  Die Record  */
TLV_ADCCAL          /*  ADC12 calibration */
TLV_ADC12CAL     /*  ADC12 calibration */
TLV_ADC10CAL     /*  ADC10 calibration */
TLV_REFCAL          /*  REF calibration */
TLV_TAGEXT           /*  Tag extender */
TLV_TAGEND          //  Tag End of Table


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  • Hi RGB,

    You can find a description of the TLV contents in the datasheet (Table 60 in

    The .h file for each device will define a value for each one of the #defines above. i.e:

    #define TLV_DIERECORD         (0x08)      /*  Die Record  */
    #define TLV_ADCCAL            (0x11)      /*  ADC12 calibration */

    This value represents a tag value which is used by the code to locate the address of the corresponding record.

    I.e. When looking for Reference Calibration values (TLV_REFCAL = 0x12), the TLV_getInfo function will start looking at the TLV tags, starting with the die record (0x08), then the ADC10 calibration (0x13) and then it will find the REF Calibration with a value of 0x12 and it will return the data starting with "REF 1.5V Reference Factor"

    The F5510 doesn't have a Serial Number in TLV. You can actually see that msp430f5510.h has this descriptor as "reserved":

    #define TLV_Reserved7         (0x07)      /*  Serial Number */

    You can however, distinguish the F5510 from other MSP430 families/derivatives by looking at the Info Block (start of TLV as shown in Table 60 of datasheet). This structure has a specific device ID and Rev which depends on the actual device Revision.

    This structure can be read using the TLV_getDeviceType function.

    You can find some TLV examples in MSP430Ware inside DriverLib:


    Luis R