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MSP-FET430UIF Firmware Update

I do not want to spread rumors. Instead, I would like to hear someone here to clear this.

What I heard is, CCE may offer to update the firmware inside the user’s MSP-FET430UIF. But if you accept that offer, your MSP-FET430UIF will no longer work for IAR or other third party software tools. I heard that even if you made a backup copy of the firmware of the MSP430F1611 inside the tool and restored it, it still would not work. They suspect that the EEPROM for the TUSB3410 inside the tool must also be restored to work for IAR.

I am using IAR and intend to switch to CCE. But I would like to be able to still use IAR for my old projects. Is this a one-way street? Do I need to use two different MSP-FET430UIF’s? (One for CCE and one for IAR?)

  • I have not heard of this behavior. Certainly the goal is to have both IAR and CCE co-exist with one FET. I personally have not seen an issue like this but it is normal to have the tool prompt for and update the firmware when you switch from one sw tool  to the other...

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    Brandon, Thanks for the reply. Do you think the following are true?

    (a) Some of the updated versions will only allow future updates of later versions and will disallow going back to earlier versions. (That is, like a one-way street.)

    (b) Some of the updates not only alter the Flash of the MSP chip, but also alter the EEPROM of the USB chip.



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    I have heard of something similar, but it just deals with CCSv4. If you install one of the beta versions of CCS V4, you have to copy that specific MSP430.DLL into IAR and/or CCE for those tools to see the FET.

    I haven't heard of any problems with CCE and IAR coexisting on 1 PC.

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    Hello everybody!

    I'm with this problem, I downloaded and started CCSV5-do a simple code, when I went to debug, he updated the firmware Fet, hence when the fu ulilizar CCSV4 but it does not recognize the tool and also, is not doing downgrade. I used the excuse CCSV5 free, and this license only works with the EVM (launch pad and F-RAM etc. ..), and does not enabledebug for the FET.
    some can help me?

    Rodrigo Rodrigues Teixeira



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    I could solve my problem!
    Go on searching and found the TI Wiki software that does the downgrade firmwareFET430UIF and he returned to work correctly, download the MSP430.dll v3 and do thedowngrade that problem is resolved, follow the link below.


    Rodrigo Rodrigues Teixeira