MSP430 application UART driver error

I recently purchased MSP430-EXP430G2 launchpad from TI for my school project and installed CCSv5.2.1.00018 on window 7 32-bit machine. When I connect the launchpad to the USB port and try to debug some examples from the wiki it says "Error intializing emulator No USB FET found".

I latter realized that the MSP430 Application UART driver is not properly installed with the CCS, my windows also couldn't automatically detect and install while I tried update driver.

Is there any way to install this driver separately and manually please? I am a new to this kit and my project is only 15days away from deadline; I need some help.



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  • The driver package is somewhere in the installation path.
    Unfortunately, simply  pushing the drivers into the windows folder for drivers during application installation doesn't always work (due to information cacheing etc.).


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