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Adding support for MSP430G2955 to the Launchpad 1.5?

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Is there a way to reflash the emulator on the launchpad 1.5 so it can support the g2955?  I can only get it to see up to a 2744.

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  • How exactly would you plug the MSP430G2955 device into the launchpad? It isn't available in the correct package.


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  • In reply to Brian Boorman:

    The 5 pin jumper block between the emulator section and the dip20  section.  Pull all the jumpers and connect the test and reset lines to your external board as a programmer.

    also I am having an adapter board made so a g2955 can plug into the dip20 value line pinout.  So people can use it as a drop in replacement with higher capability and specs.

    i use the launchpad as my programmer anyway, but the adapter board will plug into the launchpad just fine

  • Is it necessary to reflash the LaunchPad? If you only get a warning (as oppose to an error), can you ignore it and proceed? Are you using the latest version of IAR?

  • In reply to old_cow_yellow:

    I'm at a loss,  I have tried


    • wiring in the 4 wire jtag (VCC,GND, TST, RST) in the 20 pin socket on the launchpad that the pullup resistor on the launchpad
    • adding my own pullup resistor 47K to the rst line just in case
    • plugging it into the 5 pin header between emulation and EXP430G2 side
    • tried a second launchpad brand new out of the box to make sure i hadn't damaged mine, trying all the above things again on the second pad
    • tried a second high quality usb cable just in case the short one that came with it was marginal
    • swapped back to the G2533 to make sure it still worked (just fine no problems)
    • tried a seperate program to download into the MSP430 (FET-PRO430 lite, which was suggested by TI, which could also download to the G2533 no problems)
    • tried wiring in AVCC, and AVSS just in case
    • unsoldered the connections, re-cleaned the feet of the chip,and soldered new wires on verifying no shorts and on the correct pins,  tried the stuff above again.

     CCS 5 comes back with "MSP430: Error connecting to the target: Could not find device (or device not supported)" every time,

    and FET-PRO430 lite comes back with "Targer Microcontroller is not responding!!!    Please check the connection between the adapter and the target micro-controller" and the report window just says

    "JTAG communication initialization....     failed
    Verifying Security Fuse ....................     failed
      Target Microcontroller is not responding.
     --------------- FAILED !!! -----------------"

    nothing I have been able to do will let me communicate with the G2955 using the 1.5 Launchpad as the programmer (which should support all the G2 series of value line MCU's shouldn't it?  :-(  hopefully someone else is having more luck and I'm just missing something.

    what programmer is known to work with the g2955?

  • In reply to Joseph Woodrell:

    Hi Joseph,

    I think that the firmware in the MSP-EXP430G2 Launchpad on-board eZ430 programmer does not include support for the G2955 device. This part is very new, and as it does not even fit on the MSP-EXP430G2 Launchpad the eZ430 programmer firmware likely hasn't been updated to include support for it.

    What you need is the MSP-FET430UIF - this programmer is the one that is always updated to support all MSP430 devices as they are released, and includes more features than the eZ430 programmer like voltage sense (where it can follow the voltage that you are supplying to your target device) as well as full 4-wire JTAG (faster) instead of just SBW. You can order an MSP-FET430UIF on its own, or you can get it bundled with a socketed target board for the G2955 if you'd like here: 

    Hope this helps.



  • In reply to Katie Pier:

    Shouldn't value line chip have it's own value programmer?

    At $175, not many of us will go for FET430U38.

    How about $9.55 MSP430G-DISCOVERY kit?

  • In reply to Rob G:

    :) .. where is the "like" button so I can second this?

  • In reply to Rick Kimball:

    so question back to TI then, is the EZ430 programmer built in such a way that its firmware can be upgraded in place, or is it locked down, and well have to by a new one to support this chip like V1.6 or somesuch?

  • In reply to Joseph Woodrell:

    The firmware for the programmer itself in both the eZ430 and the G2 Launchpad can be updated in place by the PC. But the operation is slightly more risky as compared with doing that for the higher priced programmer FET430U. It seems that TI does not want to update the lower priced programmers.

  • In reply to Rob G:

    Robert Gasiorowski1
    Shouldn't value line chip have it's own value programmer?

    Value line means that the processor is cheap, not necessarily the equipment.
    If you build 1 million devices, you don't care for $150 for the programmer. Or $1500. But you do care for 10ct more in the part price.

    $175 is rather cheap for a FET with all these additional features. We bought way more expensive equipment for other processors.


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