Has anyone been able to compile code for the MSP430F6779 using gcc?


I am trying to compile code for the MSP430F6779 using the latest available msp430-gcc (4.7.0) and I am experiencing problems during linking when the code size exceeds 16kbytes. Has anyone been successful in doing that and if so, may I have a sample makefile showing the compiler/linker options used?



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  • The F6779 post-dates the last release of mspgcc.  Support for that MCU is present in the subsequent msp430mcu-20130321 package, but it should not be used with mspgcc-20120911 (4.7.0) because TI changed vector addresses for FRAM devices and both the compiler and msp430mcu need to be patched.  (Definitely FRAM programs will not work, and possibly the MCUs will be bricked in a way that cannot be recovered by BSL.)

    TI/RedHat were expected to have made a reimplementation of MSP430 support for GCC available several months ago, superseding mspgcc, but that hasn't happened yet.  I've stopped donating my time to mspgcc since the current version with local patches meets my personal needs and nobody's willing to fund continued development, releases, or a smooth transition to the new toolchain.