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MSP-FET430UIF Driver Issues

Has the MSP-FET430UIF been verified to work with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit?


I have followed this:


And the device manager is where it is not installing correctly.

I installed the low and high level drivers here:


Still no go. Attached is a picture of the device manager configuration.

When using CCS v4, I get a "Error initializing emulator:

No USB FET was found" error.

When I try to update the drivers, either online or through my computer, it says the best drivers have already been installed. So, I uninstall the drivers, and when I reinstall it says the device was not properly installed. I search the computer for the drivers in the texas instruments folder, it tries to install them, and gives a "the driver was not intended for this platform" error, and the name changes to COM4. Every time I try it again, the COM number goes up to 5, 6, etc etc. The only way to restore it back to the photo above is to uninstall again, and the process repeats.

Any ideas?