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Activate MSP430F5xx-Bootloader

Hallo ladies and gentlemen,

Question concerns bootloader MSP430F5xx.

We use the CC430F5137IRGZ Chip with MSP430-kernel. CC430F5137IRGZ contains the MSP430F5xx, certainly. We want to use the Bootstraploader via a host-microprocessor (ARM).

The CC430F5137 is wired in our application as follows: TEST-Pin, Reset-Pin

In SLAU319L there is described, how the software goes into the Bootmode:

I see it at the monitor of an oscilloscope. (upperline: TEST, lower RST)

Then I send the sequence via UART:

[80] [01] [00] [19] [e8] [62]  (Start + length (2 Byte) + commandnumber + CRC)

to the MSP. (Baud rate is fixed to 9600 baud in half-duplex mode (one sender at a time). Start bit, 8 data bits (LSB first), an even parity bit, 1 stop bit.)


The answer from MSP should (approximatly):

first {00} then {80} {05} {00} {3a} {00} {01} {01} {01} {6c} {4f}

But no answer comes (RX of MSP is upper line, TX of MSP lower).

Even if CRC is incorrect, an answer must come at all events, isn’t it?

Can you send me sourcecode (in c) to generate the CRC-Code for the bootloader?

Further hints:

For few microseconds the TX-Line goes low and then goes nearly high, full high after circa 17 microseconds, autonomous.

What about this behavior?

Generally, what is the mistake?



Thank you,

Olaf Kotowski!