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Activate MSP430F5xx-Bootloader

Hallo ladies and gentlemen,

Question concerns bootloader MSP430F5xx.

We use the CC430F5137IRGZ Chip with MSP430-kernel. CC430F5137IRGZ contains the MSP430F5xx, certainly. We want to use the Bootstraploader via a host-microprocessor (ARM).

The CC430F5137 is wired in our application as follows: TEST-Pin, Reset-Pin

In SLAU319L there is described, how the software goes into the Bootmode:

I see it at the monitor of an oscilloscope. (upperline: TEST, lower RST)

Then I send the sequence via UART:

[80] [01] [00] [19] [e8] [62]  (Start + length (2 Byte) + commandnumber + CRC)

to the MSP. (Baud rate is fixed to 9600 baud in half-duplex mode (one sender at a time). Start bit, 8 data bits (LSB first), an even parity bit, 1 stop bit.)


The answer from MSP should (approximatly):

first {00} then {80} {05} {00} {3a} {00} {01} {01} {01} {6c} {4f}

But no answer comes (RX of MSP is upper line, TX of MSP lower).

Even if CRC is incorrect, an answer must come at all events, isn’t it?

Can you send me sourcecode (in c) to generate the CRC-Code for the bootloader?

Further hints:

For few microseconds the TX-Line goes low and then goes nearly high, full high after circa 17 microseconds, autonomous.

What about this behavior?

Generally, what is the mistake?



Thank you,

Olaf Kotowski!




  • All things related to MSP BSL, master and slave side, as open source, can be found here...


  • Hello Oaf,

    Please provide oscilloscope screenshots of the issue. Is your transmit line connected to MSP430 pin P1.5 and are you ready for a response at P1.6? Please send an appropriate BSL packet (Table 2 9 of SLAU319) like RX password or else the BSL will not respond. Have you considered using the BSL-Scripter tool to acquire a good understanding of the BSL communication procedure?


  • In reply to Ryan Brown1:

    Hallo Ryan,

    Thanks you for your answer.

    I have screenshots, but I don't know, how to send messages with pictures. I cannot find a possibility for this on your page.

    Can you show me it?

    To your answer! The pins are correct connected - it is my opinion. And I sent the version request according table 9 (slau319):

    Sequenz: [80] [01] [00] [19] [e8] [62] Is this an appropriate BSL packet?

    Table 2 is for Bootloader Protocol – 1xx, 2xx, and 4xx Families, isn't it? In chip CC430F5137 is the MSP430F5xx core, as far as I know.

    We use CC430F5137 in our board.

    Once I know, how to send messages with pictures, then I send more.

    Thank you!



  • In reply to Oaf Kotowski:

    Hi Olaf,

    You are correct to use Table 9 instead of Table 2, this was an error on my part. Your TX BSL Version packet is correct but as stated in Section 3.6.1 this command is password protected, therefore you will need to send the password before the BSL will respond. The CRC is correct but the BSL will respond with an error if the wrong CRC has been sent.


  • In reply to Ryan Brown1:

    Hi Ryan,

    thank you for your answer. I tested your suggestions.

    First I sent:Mass Erase:   [80] [01] [00] [15] [64] [a3] {00}             But no answer from BSL.

    Then I test: RX Password:  [80] [11] [00] [11] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [ff] [4e] [c9] {00}   No answer

    The Uart Configuration is:

    1.4.UART-Protocol (SLAU319L)

    • "Baud rate is fixed to 9600 baud in half-duplex mode (one sender at a time)."
    • "Start bit, 8 data bits (LSB first), an even parity bit, 1 stop bit."

    I think, that I programmed the UART so. In Oscilloscope I see the bytes on line RX of MSP.

    Next question What about?  -->

    •" Minimum time delay before sending new characters after characters have been received from the
    MSP430 BSL: 1.2 ms " --    My opinion is: the wait as for switching "Receive" to "Transmit". Not wait between every bytes in a bytestream. Isn't it?

    After sending "Erase" the application in MSP runs on after reset!

    There is still a mistake in my handling the bootloader.

    Upper line is MSP-TX, lower line is MSP-RX.  Protocol: Mass-Erase

    What can I do?

    Thank you and best regards,

    Olaf Kotowski

  • In reply to Oaf Kotowski:


    I agree that you should be seeing some form of response, and your understanding of the minimum time delay is correct. What is required now is the board schematic and initilaization code to make sure that the device is operating properly. Preferably you would be evaluating the CC430F5137 BSL with a TI-provided EVM, MSP-FET, and BSL-Scripter for a controlled environment.


  • In reply to Ryan Brown1:

    Hi Ryan,

    I thank you for your answer.

    Unfortunately, I cannot see to BSL-Scripter in next day, because I have rare time.

    According to schematic: I have heard, that TCK-Pin may not in use (not wired), when TEST-Pin is in use to activate the BSL. Is it correct? We use JTAG (with TCK) to debug the

    CC430 (MSP430).



  • In reply to Oaf Kotowski:


    The correct BSL connetions are shown in Table 6 of the Datasheet, the TEST/SBWTCK pin is used.