Linux/MSP430F5529: eZ-FET communication issue

Part Number: MSP430F5529

Tool/software: Linux

Hi everyone, I have been using the MSP430F5529 launchpad for a while now, however the ez-FET lite is now giving me some issues. I am using the back-channel UART that it provides to talk to my computer, this was working well until I changed from windows to Linux. Now the ez-FET gets stuck at random times where both the "power led" and the "mode led" turn on and the USB connectivity turns off. Looking at the datasheet for the ez-FET [1] this indicates that it is waiting for a data transfer, however we never consciously sent any information to the debugger, we only used the application UART. Any one know what are the reasons that could cause this error? I had a similar problem a while back due to a faulty voltage regulator sending trash over the serial line but it doesn't seem to be the case since i placed capacitors on the line to verify this. I am using the jetson-tx1 computer running an orbitty carrier board running linux 16.04.

Thanks, guys.

[1] ez-FET Datasheet:

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