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Posting Code on the E2E Forums

When posting code to forums, please use the </> button to insert code. This button formats your code so it can be read easily within the forum. If your code is easy to read, then you may get help faster!

If you are replying to a post and need to insert code, then you can click the "Insert Code, Attachments, and more....." Link on the bottom right side of the reply box to get to the advanced menu. This menu allows you to format text and has the </> button so you can insert code.

Pro Tip: Write your request/issue/reply first, then insert code with the </> button at the end of your post. This way, you only format your code and you don't accidentally place your original request in a code box.




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  • Great tip Jace!


  • Thanks for the information.  I find that </> pastes the code in the default font, which is proportional.  So if it only looks right in a non-proportional font, I have to select the code and change the font to Courier New.  And it appears to take two attempts to make that font change take effect.

  • Hi!

    Code formatting tools are great, when they work. Unfortunately, I've seen cases when the formatter used by the </> button presents the result in an incorrect way. In fact, this happened just the other day. In the message e2e.ti.com/.../2399739 comment lines were joined with subsequent lines, so I had to post a follow up message with the same code written as plain text.

    I hope you could iron out these problems, because they do make messages easier to read.

    -- Anders Lindgren, IAR Systems