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MSP432P401R: Doubt in MSP432 BSL Hardware Invocation sequence

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Part Number: MSP432P401R

I was going through the MSP432 BSL User guide and I had one doubt which I want to ask.

I understand that in order to perform hardware invocation of the BSL, we need to program the flash mail box with MB_START, CMD and other appropriate parameters and do a reboot.

Bootcode will now take the control and it will see boot override request and it will perfrom the request by parsing the flash mailbox and associated CMD. 

Now my doubt is suppose the CMD is BSL_CONFIG. So, the next step it will perform is to jump the BSL entry address (provided in BSL Start Address of flash mailbox)?

Also, I have read in the document that "After the execution of the override command, boot code overrides the command programmed in the mailbox to NONE and then reboots the device.". So if my understanding is correct, if the control is already passed to BSL code and suppose I send LOAD PC command from PC UART to BSL to jump to the application's PC, then control will never jump to the bootcode (to override the command programmed in the mailbox to NONE).

Please help me understanding this part of BSL.