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Processor recommendation

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I am in search of an MCU with inbuilt RAM size of more than 2MB.Along with that my other criteria's are
need the following peripherals:SPI,I2C,UART,CAPABILITY TO DRIVE LDC TFT with pixel resolution of 800*480
to load images to the display from the SRAM.
It is also acceptable if the SDRAM can be interfaced externally with independent pins for both LCD and SDRAM.
The power consumption preferable is less than 1W with all peripherals in operation. The extreme power considered is 1.5W.
LQFP packages are considered more since the board is a two layer design. BGA Packages can also be considered but LQFP is prefered.
Please suggest suitable controllers or processors.
more than 100 pins are required.
  • Hello Amal,

    just to clarify, you need more than 2MB of RAM?   If so, I'm afraid I don't know of any MCU with that much memory. 

    You might have to look at some microprocessors that expose the address and data bus to allow scalability with external memory.   Possibly something from our Sitara line.  http://www.ti.com/processors/sitara-arm/overview.html 

    I'll move this thread over there. 





  • In reply to JD Crutchfield:


    From the processor catalog I can recommend the Sitara AM335x device: www.ti.com/.../overview.html


    Best Regards
  • In reply to Biser Gatchev-XID:


    thankyou sir for the suggestion. I have already taken AM3352 series with operating frequency from 300 to 1Ghz.But the problem I am facing now is that the power consumption is too high.

    I may have to drop this option only because of this reason.