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[FAQ] How do I change the system stack size or place sections for a TI-RTOS application in IAR project?

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I have an IAR project using TI-RTOS (also called SYS/BIOS). How do I configure the size of the kernel's system stack? The kernel configuration file has the stack size set to zero. I'd also like to specify the locations of certain sections in memory. How can I do that?

  • Certain features (i.e. Program.sectMap, Memory.staticPlace and Program.stack) are not available when developing applications for IAR. Instead of using Program.sectMap or Memory.staticPlace, the user can manually place sections by modifying the linker command file (.icf files for ARM). Users can adjust a stacksize variable in the linker command file to specify the size of the system stack.

    There should be line like this in the linker file:

    define symbol STACKSIZE = 1024;

    For more detailed information about section placement and changing stack sizes through IAR Embedded Workbench, please refer to the development guides in your IAR Embedded Workbench installation.