Buying a MAC Address


I am aware that this may be the wrong place to post this question - if someone can direct me to the proper forum it would be really helpful.

I am using the Stellaris LM3S9D990 controller and would like to use the ethernet peripheral for my product. I have completed the development phase and we are ready to send the design to our CM for pre-production run. The only question left is purchase of the MAC Address; here is what I know and my questions:


1. Our company needs to purchase a OUI - but do we need a private or publicly listed OUI ?  What are the differences between the two apart from the definition :) ?

2. Once we get the 24-bit OUI does each controller we make need a different MAC Address ? My understanding is, it is required but a confirmation would be helpful.

3. Once we obtain the 24-bit OUI can we use the entire range of the lower 24-bit from 0 to FF-FF-FF ? I read somewhere that the first 10 address 0 - 0xA are reserved.


Thanks a lot for your replies, once again I apologize for posting it in the wrong place - kindly direct me to the correct forum.