LM3S9B92 BOOTCFG not committing - solved

I'd like to manually start the ROM bootloader on a low PORTB.4 during reset. I used the following code according to instructions in the 
datasheet  how to set the non-volatile flash register BOOTCFG. But with no success so far:
UARTprintf("BOOTCFG register is reading %8x\n",HWREG(FLASH_BOOTCFG));

UARTprintf("BOOTCFG has not been committed yet\n");

// Write the desired boot configuration to the FMD register
UARTprintf("FMD set to 0x%8x\n", HWREG(FLASH_FMD));

// Write the address of the register which we wish to commit
HWREG(FLASH_FMA) = 0x75100000;
UARTprintf("Register to be committed written in FMA: 0x%8x\n",HWREG(FLASH_FMA));

// Write to non-volatile register (KEY + COMT bit)
UARTprintf("Start committing... FMC: 0x%8x\n",HWREG(FLASH_FMC));

//Poll COMT bit in the FMC register until the commit operation is complete
UARTprintf("Committing... FMC: 0x%8x\n",HWREG(FLASH_FMC));

UARTprintf("Committed! FMC: 0x%8x Change takes effect after reset\n",HWREG(FLASH_FMC));

UARTprintf("BOOTCFG has already been committed\n");
The output on the UART always reads:
Programming BOOTCFG Register
BOOTCFG register is reading fffffffe
BOOTCFG has not been committed yet
FMD set to 0x00003002
Register to be committed written in FMA: 0x75100000
Start committing... FMC: 0x 8
Committed! FMC: 0x 0 Change takes effect after reset
and this everytime I push the reset button.
I've also changed the code to write the USERREG0 instead of the BOOTCFG what worked correctly. That's why I guess implementation is actually correct.
There is an errata on this issue suggesting a special mass erease with the "unlock function" but this didn't help either.
Just before posting this the solution finally hit me. Instead of a simple reset as stated in the datasheet (p. 315) a power cycle is needed for the changes in BOOTCFG
to take effect.
Hope this helps anybody.