IP addess assignment doubt

0714.GWY Application Query to TI.pdfWe are using TI Serial to Ethernet code in our product.

Dear All,

We have an application as serial to ethernet at our customer site,

 In this application,

SCADA:- Support Serial interface.

Slave Devices: Support Serial Rs-485 Interface.

 Serial to Ethernet (Raw)Gateway is used as shown in above application Diagram.

Telnet mode :- Client

Telnet Protocol :- Raw

  •          Act as a Client
  •          Configure Remote Telnet port and Server IP address in client.

Please find pdf attachment.


  Setting of other product GWY2 but in server mode:-

  • GWY2 act as Server.


Problem /Issue:-In this application, if both gateway's are configured IP Mode in DHCP , then both gateway Client and Server IP address may change time to time. In this case, we have to change  Remote Telnet port and Server IP address but  at client side setting when this case happens 

If  IP address  mode is kept as Static, then above problem won’t come. But customer is not ready to give Static IP for Gateway. 

Please suggest me, in DHCP mode, if server IP (& client IP) changes then how it can be made possible that change in IP address in Server should automatically reflect in Client gateway setting ?