S2E & Virtual com0com ports ....

I must be doing something incredibly wrong. I have and S2E that is discoverable with 'finder' but cannot find a way to connect with a virtual com-2-tcp connection. I have tried installing com0com and com2tcp however com0com consistently gives a 32/64 bit error "The 32 bit driver cannot run under 64-bit System". Proceeding with 'continue' only eventually leads to a windows error "SetupDiClassInstaller()" error. 

Even after installing com2tcp, I have NO comm ports available. Running under the assumption that I can't be the first to come across this I am hoping some kind sole can help me work through this issue. I have an application that works just fine when I run it under a local serial (USB adapter) application scenario but can't find a port under the the S2E scenario. I can browse the S2E but cannot find a virtual port. 

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Kevin,

    The 'com0com' package included in the RDK-S2E will, as you have discovered, have problems with Win7 64bit. That OpenSource package does have some updates available on their project website which you will probably need if you want to try virtual com ports under that OS.

    Is the PC-based software you are using limited to local COM port access? Most recent software will support telnet as well which would work without these other packages.

  • In reply to Stellaris Mitch:

    Thanks, I'll have a look. I am adapting an application that was written for a COM port (local serial control) to be remoted using the S2E for a demo.  Longer term there will be perhaps a more specific solution but am hoping to at least demo the concept using the current application  (of local and remote using virtual serial). 

    Anyhow, thanks for the pointers. I'll report back if I have some success.