working with printf and scanf...

Ive been working with some simple serial comm stuff with the VSP on the LM3S811 Dev Kit. Just altering the example program a bit. I'm curious if it is possible to easily implement the printf and scanf commands with this dev kit. I'm totally new to the stellaris, although i work with the 68hc12 quite a bit in my studies, this is new ground for me. I don't know if printf and such will work through the UART, im guessing though, so any comments or code is greatly appreciated. Looking for some direction. Thanks.

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  • printf and scanf are pretty open ended, once you take into account things like floating point and the format variations that are defined but seldom used. pritnf/scanf have traditionally been a real problem for embdedded compilers, since the desirable implementation only ends up including code that is actually needed.

    It's probably possible to implement a useful subset of printf/scanf (%d%c%s) with nearly any C dialect. It can be useful to add your own format designators for something common in your embedded design (%e for an ethernet address, anyone?), but there's a trap there once you go off in a direction that isn't "standards compatible" (even if you do it before the standards get written...)
  • i can see what you mean. im more or less looking for (developing, or attempting to at least) a substitute for printf/scanf. im working with the UART stuff to kinda of streamline the process of serial IO stuff. hopefully this will result in some simple one line function calls to read n write to the serial port. I havn't gotten far with reading from the serial port. If anyone has some example code for reading from the serial port please do share. also, I noticed the absence of an itoa function. i suppose integer to ascii conversions can be done without to much hassle. just curious is there is an library with itoa for the keil compiler.