Application which includes both scope and touch screen

Can anybody give me some suggestions about touchscreen-operation oscilloscope based on Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3?

Recently, we follow qs-scope demo application of SW-EK-LM3S3748-8049, however this demo is operated by 5-way navigation switch not touchscreen. When we port this demo to our product which employs a LM3S2793 and a QVGA touchscreen, the scope and touch cannot work simultaneously.

The demo of below picture is a good start, but the full source named SW-RDK-IDM-8555  downloaded from TI.COM doesn’t include this demo. How can we get this demo.

(Scope Demo of  MDL-IDM28 Intelligent Display Module)

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  • Hi Zhidong,

         The example software that generated the image in the documentation has not been available for some time.  It was replaced with an qs_application for a lock only.

    - Ken

  • zhidong zhu
    the scope and touch cannot work simultaneously

    So what debugging have you done to identify the problem(s) that prevent it from working...?

    Do the scope & touch work separately...?

  • In reply to Stellaris Ken:

    Thanks Ken!

  • In reply to Andy Neil:

    Thanks Andy!

    Scope and touch can work pretty good separately.

    However, when I use push buttons based on Stellaris graphic driver to control parameters of scope, problems appear.

    The system even cannot boot completely at this situation.

  • In reply to zhidong zhu:

    In the qs-scope demo, sampling tick is set by function SysCtlADCSpeedSet() or timer1. SysCtlADCSpeedSet() can set only five kinds of sampling rate,


    Timer1 is used for low sampling rate setting, which can generate low speed sampling clock for ADC.

     When we disable timer1 of ADC, and use SysCtlADCSpeedSet() control speed of ADC, scope and touch can run simultaneously.

    So far, the system can run. But there still is a question, why timer1 of ADC can interrupt timer0 of touch screen?