Hello all,

I have lm3s6965 board. i read data sheet as well as application note on USING THE STELLARIS MICROCONTROLLER ADC.

I am just confused about the working of ADC.

what is difference between the normal adc with this adc?

also as adc has 4 channel that is 4 analog inputs can be given.but in this application note one example is given,in that 3 sensors are to be monitored.

for that ANO,AN1,AN2 pins are used.means if i want to connect 4 sensors then i have to use AN3 pin.

In this application also one line is written,"ADC module has total 4 sample sequencers that allow sampling of 1,4,4,8 analog sources " whether it means that upto 8 sensors we can connect? how it is possible if AN0,AN1,AN2,AN3 are only four pins.

Actually i am unable to understand exact working of sample sequencer and step.

can anybody clear this concept?

Thanks in advance.