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Rebuild usb_bulk_example source and lost libusb0.dll


I installed SW-USB-win-6852.msi  & LM3S9B92 is coded on usb_dev_bulk 

I execute "USB Bulk Example" and it works well.

Now, I try to rebuild usb_bulk_example on path C:\StellarisWare\tools\usb_bulk_example.

However I met some problems:

   Compiling fatal error "Cannot open include file: strsafe.h and libusb-win32\include\usb.h"

I can't find strsafe.h on StellarisWare pathes,so I installed Microsoft WDK.

And modified include path to #include "C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\inc\api\strsafe.h"

I changed libusb-win32\include\usb.h to #include "C:\StellarisWare\third_party\windows\libusb-win32-device-bin-\include\usb.h"

I rebuilt source code, I got usb_bulk_example.exe

I ran it,but I got error-message "Cannot  find libusb0.dll !"

What's wrong ? Where can I get libusb0.dll ?

Or rebuilding procedure is wrong ?

My installations are:

  Windows XP SP3 32-bit, Visual C++ SP6, StellarisWare revision 7243,


  • You are falling foul of a change that was made a long time back. Originally, our Windows driver for the USB bulk device (usb_dev_bulk examples) used the libusb-win32 library to talk to the device. When we went to add support for Windows 7 and 64 bit systems, though, this library was not available so we switched all of our Windows drivers to use Microsoft's WinUSB interface instead. At this point, we also introduced a thin layer called lmusbdll.dll which allowed people to build our examples without having to download and install the 4.7GB package containing Microsoft's Windows Device Driver Kit (which was needed to get the headers for WinUSB).

    I suspect that you have a mixed installation with the usb_bulk_example source from a release prior to this change and other files from later (you note 2 different StellarisWare release numbers in your post). I would strongly recommend you update everything to the latest StellarisWare release (9107) and ensure that you are not mixing source from different packages since this should minimize the possibility of unexpected problems and allow you to benefit from the 16 months of bug fixes and updated made since 7243 was released.

  • In reply to Dave Wilson:

    It's a little difficult to download StellarisWare to me from TI web site.

    I'll try to download the latest StellarisWare.

    Thank you, Dave.