StellarisWare for LM3S devices

On 15 April 2012 an LM3S-only version of StellarisWare was released. This final release removes MCU devices that are now part of the Tiva C Series MCU family, and also includes several functional updates and bug fixes. Users can refer to the StellarisWare Release Notes for complete details.

TI will continue to support StellarisWare through the normal channels. However, because Stellaris MCUs are not recommended for new designs (NRND), there will no longer be periodic releases or functional improvements to StellarisWare. Any future StellarisWare updates will be released only for major issues. Any updates will be available directly from the StellarisWare page.

Customers who are initiating new designs should use Tiva family MCUs and TivaWare software. We also recommend that customers who are developing products or applications with LM4F MCUs (now the Tiva TM4C123x series) transition their software development to use TivaWare.

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