Find a compatible Tiva device for a Stellaris LM3S device

We've added a tool to the Stellaris LM3S page ( that can help identify the best Tiva part number to replace a specific LM3S device:

When you enter an existing LM3S part number, this tool suggests an alternate Tiva device and provides links to more information.  As we add additional Tiva devices, this tool will be updated.



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  • Sue

    Please don't get offended by my question. But I am concerned for scraping our entire product line in just 3 years in favor of redesign. And The tool will certainly help but my concern is I see same long Errara list for TIVA series microcontrollers along with ARM errata for M4 architecture. So what type of assurance TI can provide us for not closing TIVA line in very near future, if the engineering staff is not able to solve Errata's. ( I believe that is the reason for closing LM3S...)

    We are currently using,

    LM3S2B93-IQC80-C5 for six different products

    Combination of LM3S2B95-IQC80-C1, LM3S5T36, LM3S5K31-IQC80-C5 for three different products

    and LM3S5C56 for one product.

    When I tried to find replacement, for LM3S2B93 and LM3S9B95, I got message "This part is currently under development....". So what will be the development cycle/ or when compatible part will be released.

  • In reply to Pragnesh Patel:

    Dear Pragnesh,

    I’m not offended.  I totally understand that the NRND has caused you concern and problems.  We changed the status of these devices to ‘not recommended for new designs’ as a warning that they should not be used for future designs.  However, we will continue to manufacture the devices as long as people want to buy them.

    The Flash memory technology on the LM3S devices are serious and the design was not made by TI.  We decided it was best to get customers to look at the newer Tiva MCUs that were designed by TI and have much more robust flash technology.  There are errata on the Tiva devices, but none as serious as what exists on the LM3S devices. We have a policy of publishing every behavior that we find that is in variance with the expected operation.  This sometimes creates a long list of variances, but we would rather have a long list than have our customers struggling trying to debug a known issue.

    We will be launching a new Tiva series in 4th quarter that will provide all of the capabilities of the LM3S2B93 and the LM3S9B95 and more.  You can contact a local TI representative to get more details on these devices.

    I can assure you that the future with the Tiva series looks very bright, and I hope that you can weather this difficult transition with us.