I purchased the EKS-LM3S9B90 Evaluation Board with Code Composer Studio. Now, I have questions about the actual coding of the board.

I am relatively familiar in coding in C++ and noticed that CCS uses C to code the board which is very recognizable and similar to C++ so operations and command for the most part should be fine for me to figure out myself. However, all of my coding experience has been with university courses of C++ program computer console programs, so hardware programming with C seems much different after looking at some of the sample code provided with the board. So basically any help in getting started with this project would greatly help I'm sure (please keep in mind that I'm new at this and I apologize for any stupid questions).

The program itself that I need to write is fairly simple I would think. Basically I need to be able to control the blinking for a bank of LEDs controlled by LED drivers that set the states of the LEDS based on SPI messages. So my plan was to ultimately take in a script file of the period of all the LEDs on my board and run some functions to develop all of the states of the LEDs and then have the processor send the SPI (or SSI in this case I believe) message at 30 MHz (the max rate of the SSI clock for the LM3S9B90 and the LED drivers) constantly changing the states of the LEDs if needed. Now right now, my main interest is to be able to send the SSI message which right now I'm unfamiliar with how to do with this board. For now, I could just hard wire some numbers in to have all the LEDs blink at one rate for the first phase of the project.

Any help, direction, or code to help me achieve this goal will be greatly appreciated. If I confused you or left some important information out, I would be more than happy to provide more information or clear some of my goals up for you. Thank you for your help!

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