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Adding a JTAG port to a LM4f232h5qd design

I am putting together a design and need to be pointed to where I may find the connections for adding a JTAG port using a XDS100v2 or v3 emulator to my design that will allow me to take advantage of  CCS5 and its debugging & flashing capabilities. Meaning I need to know the pin connections from my processor to the 14 or 20 pin header. I have searched but may not be looking in the correct areas.

Any help would be great!

Thanks, Jeff

  • I believe this should be helpful


  • In reply to Taranjeet Hullon (1):

    Maybe I did not clearly state what I was trying to do. I purchased a XDS100v2 with the 14 pin connector and I am designing a PCB with the LM4F part on it and I want to make sure I have the pins correctly connected. Here is what I have on paper:

    14pin connector                                                           LM4F pin       Name

    1                                                                                       Pin 117          PC1/TMS

    2                                                                                       Pin 90            /TargetReset

    3                                                                                       Pin 116          PC2/TDI

    4                                                                                       n/c

    5                                                                                       VDD                +3.3v

    6                                                                                       n/c

    7                                                                                       Pin 115          PC3/TDO

    8                                                                                       VSS

    9                                                                                       n/c

    10                                                                                     VSS

    11                                                                                     Pin 118          PC0/TCK

    12                                                                                     VSS

    13                                                                                     n/c

    14                                                                                     n/c

    I hope that better explains what I am trying to do? Thanks for the responses!


  • In reply to Jeffrey Jacobson:

    Take a look at the following article as this should provide some clarity on the treatment of the 14-pin connector pins.


    You should handle pin 4 (to GND) and pin 9 (connect to TCK as this is the "return" TCK) to the emulator.  Some instances I have seen a series resistor added between pin 9 and pin 11 to allow to break that path if necessary.